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Dr. Shannon Barnes   a.k.a  Dr S 


An eclectic artist representing life through art.


Growing up with her father, who was a talented artist, then choosing the mental health field as her adulting job, and now circling back to the arts that she loves, Dr. S has come full circle to her childhood dream.  After her father passed in 2011, she leaned into painting as a way to grieve but also to honor him.  Our heavenly father had a plan for her, and that plan continues.


As an artist, it is my job to create paintings that speak to people.  Paintings that plant seeds of inspiration and hope. Paintings that comfort when life is hard.  Art also provides a refuge for me when life is hard. I can go to my studio and temporarily forget about my obligations, worries, and heartaches.  It is truly an escape to go to my studio and simply paint from my heart and soul.    I believe I feel a deep connection to the visual arts for two reasons. 

First, my father was an artist who encouraged me.  My first career was in the mental health field and I found that art can also be used as a therapeutic tool for those who are hurting.  Combining what I learned from my father, the peace I receive when creating a painting, and watching others absorb the beauty from an artwork has allowed me to continue to grow in my passion for painting.  After returning to academia to extend my artist skills, I learned the fundamentals of professional art and I found that those fundamentals can be applied to any idea to create a masterpiece.  This gives me a sense of freedom that I have not experienced in my other profession.  Freedom, hope, encouragement, beauty.  These are the values that I strive to bring alive in my work. If I can achieve this, seeds will be planted into the viewers' lives and our heavenly father will take care of  the rest.

Media Recognitions

Dr S is well recognized in the art world. 

She has been honored in a variety of interviews and publications.


ArtTourInternational Magazine

Top 60 Masters

Summer 2022

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Enjoy Cherokee Magazine - VIA awards


Gallerium Art Prize 2022

Page 150


Shout Out Atlanta

2020 & 2022

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SpotLight Contemporary Art Magazine


Canvas Rebel Interview


More To Come ..........

Awards and Recognition

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