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Tranquility Fine Arts is a traditional art gallery with a modern and contemporary twist. Our desire is to create an experience for others to purchase works of fine art from local and nationally known artists that inspire and bring hope. 


Dr S

As an artist, it is my job to create paintings that speak to people.  Paintings that plant seeds of inspiration and hope. Paintings that comfort when life is hard. I feel a deep connection to the visual arts for two reasons.  First, my father was an artist who encouraged me.  My first career was in the mental health field and I found that art can also be used as a therapeutic tool for those who are hurting.  Combining what I learned from my father, the peace I receive when creating a painting, and watching others absorb the beauty from an artwork has allowed me to continue to grow in my passion for painting.  After returning to academia to extend my artist skills, I learned the fundamentals of professional art and I found that those fundamentals can be applied to any idea to create a masterpiece.  These are the values that I strive to bring alive in my work. If I can achieve this, seeds will be planted into the viewers' lives and our heavenly father will take care of  the rest.

Our Artists

The artists represented by Tranquility Fine Arts exhibit a professional skill in the quality of their artworks.  They bring a variety of works to our gallery which include representational, abstract, and contemporary art.  We are also proud to represent professional fine art photography and sculpture.  The artists add purpose to our mission.

Artists who are represented in our exhibits are carefully selected.

Artists who are honored in the annual V.I.A awards are selected because of their hard work and determination to succeed.


Tranquility Fine Arts provides a visual representation of the beauty created by our heavenly Father in our world, within human connections, and in life’s purpose. We will ensure this visual language is respectful and inspiring. We will also facilitate the growth of professional artists and the value of their art in our community and in the professional art world.

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We are only accepting submissions for our exhibit events at this time. You must complete a submissions application to be considered.
Exhibit Submissions will automatically be entered for the 2023 VIA awards.

See our exhibits page for upcoming exhibits.


Parking for our gallery is located behind the gallery.  Additional parking is available in front of the JW Collections Sales Center, in front of the Financial Group next to the Sales Center on Main Street,  in public parking to the left when facing the gallery and on Brighton Blvd as parking in front of town homes is public parking.


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