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Why our Paint and Chat Professional Art Classes Are So Great!

Art classes are created for many reasons. Quite often art classes designed by galleries or community art centers intend to build social connection and to provide an activity that justifies revenue. For example, the non-profit community center must provide activities for the community to justify the tax dollars or grants which fund the art center. Galleries will offer classes as a part of their events to draw traffic to the gallery. Art teachers will offer art classes for supplemental income and so on and so on. At Tranquility Fine Arts we of course are doing the same, however we also like to brag that our classes are different. Our philosophy is that you must have a holistic approach to anything that you do in life because after all, we are a whole person.

For example, an art class that is all for fun may very well be just that, but can you really call it a class if you are not learning something? Does it truly meet a human need? A Paint and Sip is designed to create social connection and social activities. Because it is human nature to want to work toward a goal, in this case creating a painting, people typically want their painting to turn out well. You may think you will not care how your painting turns out, but indeed you will. Yes you may have achieved your goal to have fun with your social group, but that is a minimum gain.

For our professional paint and chat classes we think about of these things. Our focus is to provide connection, fun, and instruction, so the participant is challenged and learns a strategy he or she can continue to use. Structure and foundation should exist for the class otherwise people would just be tossing paint all over the place.

This is actually a true story. I had a paint and chat class one time and a person just started throwing paint. I think she thought she was implementing a splatter paint effect, and she did get some paint on the canvas. But most of the paint ended up all over the gallery and all over the person across the table from her. That person’s clothes were ruined. That person was a good sport about it. After all, we were playing with paint. However, I quickly learned the value of structuring the class, so this does not occur again.

So, structure must exist so people are protected, and respected, while they also have fun, and learn valuable strategies. This is a good recipe for a great class. This is our philosophy.

Now, no matter how hard I try to please everyone, occasionally at least one person may not like his or her finished painting. Usually, it is because the person did not pay attention or follow instruction. I call this going rogue. It happens, and I hope the person at least had fun while interacting with others. I honestly do my best to accommodate everyone; however, if instruction is given and a person does not want to follow that instruction and they prefer to go rogue, then it is what it is. If this person is not happy with the painting, at least I know I did my part and fun is typically achieved none the less.

Our classes are designed to give instruction, teach fundamentals, and take a person in a direction of Fine Arts. After all, we are a fine arts gallery. Our Focus is on the fundamentals of art where other organizations focus on art for creative purposes. Fine Arts base the finished piece on specific fundamental strategies and rules to follow which creates something just as beautiful as the “for fun” paintings. This also increases the chances that future projects will also be beautiful. This increases the chances that the artists will be satisfied with their creation.

This philosophy aligns with our holistic philosophy. So as humans we are a whole. If we're looking at a holistic approach, we think about the four categories that creates our humaneness. The physical domain pertaining to creating art allows the brain and the eye to work together to see and to interpret. We must think about color theory, we must think about formations, we have to look at a visual and think about how we are going to recreate this on a canvas, and we have to listen to instruction and apply those instructions. Much of this is just the biology of how the brain provokes our fine motor skills and then initiates our follow through.

We have the social domain, and this is equally as important because most often people will come to a paint chat because it is a social activity, which is the most beautiful part of it all. We all need social connection so when we have a fun activity with our friends or with our significant other for date night or with our children etc., this is quality time which is an important love language. You cannot have connection or nurture any friendship or other relationship without spending quality time together.

We can look at the psychological domain that is a part of all human beings. This is our emotional thinking and our logical thinking. It includes our belief systems, our perspectives, how we have interpreted our experiences, and our world view. Our psychological thinking quite often will come out in the artwork we create. An angry person has a hard time painting something that represents happiness, and so he or she often will go rogue and paint something else. Quite often the person who is stressed or struggling with a life issue will need to paint something that is comforting and soothing. If people are happy in the moment and they are enjoying this quality time, they will typically go with the flow of the class and they are happy just following along.

And finally we have the spiritual domain. All humans have a spiritual side which is made up of their belief system. Even an atheist has a belief system, so therefore all people have a spiritual side. Science has proven much around creation and spiritualism, but that is another conversation for another day. In the arts, this can be difficult because people with a dark spirit will gravitate to dark art. We at Tranquility Fine Arts have a mission to plant seeds of hope, purpose, and comfort into people's lives. So, we are in an opposite category from the dark arts. However when you combine spirituality with the psychological and emotional mindset of a person within a social setting and then apply physical strategies to create something very unique to the individual who created it, people will create something that symbolizes who they are.

I always find this interesting. This is the main reason why our professional paint and chat classes are different. We apply a foundation that's different than just your paid for fun let me take your money class.

Our classes are not only designed for people who absolutely have no artistic ability whatsoever so they can come in learn something, stimulate the brain, maybe have relationship and enjoy themselves, but also for those who already have a starting point with some sort of artistic understanding.

These individuals can build their skill set in our classes and gain the feedback from extra set of eyes, which will guide them to continue to grow in their abilities. And, of course, we also host actual professional artists who come to the paint and chats to share their skill set and to socialize and to have fun.

This dynamic of the group is always interesting because a person will gravitate toward a serious motivation or a “just for have fun” motivation. Perfection does not exist, and we work hard to maintain a holistic, all are welcome, atmosphere where people leave inspired. When people are inspired, then I know my mission is accomplished. My hope is those inspired individuals will apply the skills they have learned to future projects, and they have created memories to share. Also, my hope is Tranquility Fine Arts has planted seeds of purpose hope and connection into other lives.

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