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Very Influential Artist
Ceremony to be hold August 10, 2023.

@ Rootstock Restaurant in Downtown Woodstock


Recognized by multiple local media publications
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The V.I.A awards will be an exciting celebration of the wonderful talented artists who have achieved a level in their art careers deserving to be recognized on the red carpet.  

This includes performing artists,   written arts (authors), and visual artists.

The V.I.A award

  • Honors accomplished artists who have earned this award thru their hard work and determination to master  their artistic craft without settling or cutting corners to climb to the top of the mountain.

  • Provides a platform to launch artists' careers to the next level, by providing more exposure  based on this honorary achievement and providing  provenance information.

  • Fosters community and connection among artists,  artists' family and friends,  collectors, buyers, and anyone who is an art enthusiast. 

The theme for the 2023 VIA award ceremony is the "Purpose" award.  Each year the award ceremony will adopt a different them that distinguishes the award recipients from previous recipients.

2022 - Top Of The Mountain

Red Carpet Event

Recipients will attend a prestigious award ceremony curated to celebrate and honor them.  They will be in the spotlight for the family, friends, and fans

The ceremony will also be open to the public.  Among those present will be art buyers, art collectors, appraisers, media representatives, and a variety of community fans.

This is not an award that is given.  It is earned.

The Crowd

2022 V.I.A - Top Of The Mountain - Now Available

Digital publications will also be available for sharing the artists' stories and artworks.  This publication will focus on the award recipients only.   

Submissions for the 2023 VIA Awards has closed.  
We are now accepting submissions / nominations for the
2024 "Beauty" award ceremony.

For more information contact Dr. S at the following email

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