Brian Eckerman

October 9, 2021

5pm until 9pm

Brian has been inventing and creating his whole life. He studied Fine Art at The Atlanta College of Art where he flourished in the association with diversified minds. While obtaining his BFA, he learned immensely from the creative collaboration and all the various media. While winning awards was validating, he was more in awe of the resourcefulness of ideas around him. Brian continued to indulge his curiosity immediately after graduating from college by accepting a position in an affluent graphic arts production house after declining acceptance into a prestigious Ad agency in town and then into the world of Digital in its infancy. While working in digital media, he became proficient and acquired first hand knowledge in the digital realm of photo manipulation/color theory while working day and night 7 days a week. As he continued to work the original media, he wanted to extend the same professional respect to his work on the digital side by using the tools the way they are intended and by avoiding any short cuts in his academic process. He learned this from the years of apprenticeship he had with a few of the old school craftsmen left in the industry who embraced the digital age. After reaching the summit in this field, he began to moonlight, attending to his own projects which gleaned him more accolades and a prominent award in a National Trade Magazine. To this day, his educational experience and his deep-rooted background in various media have profoundly pushed his art to be the truest it can be. Whether it may be a hybrid alliance of media or just one, Brian’s art has many years of hard work punctuated daily by late nights and X-Acto knife scars. Brian’s work is a collaboration of seamless meaning between him as the artist and the viewer in order to stimulate the viewer to explore his or her own interpretation(s) and to guide the viewer down unforeseen paths of human connection. As formulated by the artist – “my art is”.

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