David Burns Patterson
December 11, 2021
1pm - 5pm
Born in NY City in 1952 and currently a Woodstock Georgia artist, David comes from a family of 3 generations of painters, and began his craft in 1970.  He studied art at Silvermine College in New Canaan, CT for a short period before going on his own at the advice of Dean Robert Gray (a student of Josef Albers), having recognized David as a motivated self-starter.  Even while in high school David had already received honorable mentions in the NY Times as “Up-and-Coming” artist in Westchester NY for a one man show he held on his own at a local business. 

"I traveled over the course of a 3 year period in the western United Sates and created a body of work that captures the visions of the sacred land of the natives who occupied it.  I visited many National Parks and Monuments,  off-road pueblos, met and spoke to many native Americans and have observed their pow wows.  The plight of our native peoples in our history has captured my sympathies.  I have created 20+ paintings in this timeframe that represent my journey and I hope to have a showing of these works together as tribute."  - David


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