Art Gallery

about us

Tranquility Fine Arts is a traditional art gallery with a modern and contemporary twist. Our desire is to create an experience for others to purchase works of fine art from local and nationally known artists that inspire and bring hope. 


Parking for our gallery is located behind the gallery.  Additional parking is available in front of the JW Collections Sales Center, in front of the Financial Group next to the Sales Center on Main Street,  in public parking to the left when facing the gallery and on Brighton Blvd.

Meet The Team


Dr. Shannon Barnes



"Art was a part of my life even before I was born.  My father was an artist, and a very important person in my life.  After he left this world to be in Heaven with our Heavenly Father,  I leaned into art as a way to inspire purpose and hope in this world just as my father had done in my life."


Mike Barnes


Public Relations Manager

Capt Mike Barnes retired from Dekalb County Fire Department and presently continues his fire services career with Roswell Fire Department.  When he is not on shift, his natural people skills and his love to be challenged makes him the perfect Public Relations Manager.


sanaz rafi

Artist + Teacher

Assistant Gallerist

"I believe art can make our life more beautiful and nature is the best teacher of art.  Art has been with me all of my life. Even as I earned a Masters Degree in environmental law, art was inspiration for me.  I completed three years of private art school with a specialty in drawing and painting.  I have fours years of experience teaching others the art skills I have learned.  I love teaching art."


Bailey Paquin

Social Media/Web Manager + Video Specialist
Assistant Gallerist

"I believe that everyone is an artist in their own way. I was raised by two very strong artistic women who encouraged me to never stop creating. My mother and her mother believe heavily in artist expression. I took that energy and dove into digital artistry. I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Fimmaking and Video Production with a mentorship in photography. Being able to use my passions to make someones' dreams a reality drives me."